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Lord Balarama Slays the Demon Pralamba

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 Lord Balarama Slays the Demon Pralamba

(1) S'rî S'uka said: 'Surrounded by His happy-natured folk singing His glories entered Krishna thereafter [after the forest fire] Vraja that was so beautiful with its herds of cows. (2) Sporting this way in Vraja in the disguise of a cowherd, approached the summer season that is not so pleasing to the living beings. (3) Notwithstanding this was Vrindâvana, in which the Supreme Lord Kes'ava together with Râma personally were staying, manifesting the qualities as if it was the time of spring. (4) The constant noise of the waterfalls covered there the sound of the crickets while the groups of trees embellishing the area were moistened by their spray. (5) From the waves and currents, the rivers and the lakes transported cool breezes the pollen of the kahlâra, kañja and utpala lotuses so that there, for the people living in the forest, was not the tormenting heat of the sun or the forest fires to the summer season, but the growth of an abundance of grass instead. (6) The water of the very deep rivers drenched the shores, giving muddy banks on all sides, over which the fierce sun radiating its venomous rays could not take away the juice and greenness of the earth. (7) The forest full of flowers most beautiful resounded with all sorts of animals and birds singing, peacocks and bees and the cooing of cuckoos and cranes. (8) Intend on playing was the forest area entered by Krishna, the Supreme Lord sounding His flute in the company of Balarâma, the gopas and the cows. (9) With fresh leaves, peacock feathers, bunches of small flowers, garlands and colorful minerals for ornaments were Krishna, Râma and the gopas singing, dancing and romping about. (10) With Krishna dancing, sang some of them, played some on flutes, cymbals and horns while others offered praise. (11) Disguised as cowherd folk worshiped the demigods [see 10.1: 22] Krishna and Râma in their form of cow-protectors the same way professional dancers encourage another dancer, o King. (12) Whirling, jumping, throwing, slapping and dragging they played and sometimes, as they wrestled, held they each other by the locks of their hair. (13) At times when the others danced were They the singers and played They the instruments, themselves being of praise, o King, saying: 'How good, how good this is!' (14) Now and then played they with bilva fruits and then with kumbha fruits or with palmfuls of âmalaka [myrobalan] fruits; they played tag [aspris'ya] or blindman's buff [netra-bandha] and such games and sometimes mimicked the animals and birds. (15) Then they jumped like frogs, told all kinds of jokes and then again they were swinging or pretended they to be kings. (16) The two this way engaged in common human play roamed the forests, mountains, rivers and valleys, bowers, lakes, and groves around.

(17) One day, while Râma and Krishna together with the gopas were herding the animals in that forest arrived there the demon Pralamba in the form of a gopa with the intent to kidnap Them. (18) Knowing him, since He stemming from the house of Das'ârha was the Supreme Lord omniscient, accepted He, thinking of killing him, to be friends with him. (19) Next calling together the gopas said Krishna, the knower of all games: 'O gopas, let's play and divide us in two matching teams'. (20) To that appointed the gopas Râma and Janârdana their leaders so that some belonged to Krishna's group while others joined with Râma. (21) They engaged in several games of 'carrier and carried' [harinâkrîdanam] which were known by the rule that the winners could mount the defeated who then had to carry them. (22) Carrying and being carried tended they meanwhile the cows and went they, led by Krishna, to a banyan tree named Bhândîraka [*]. (23) When Râma's party with S'rîdâmâ, Vrishabha and others had won the contest would each of them be carried by Krishna and the members of His party, o King. (24) Being defeated carried the Supreme Lord Krishna S'rîdâmâ; was Vrishabha carried by Bhadrasena and carried Pralamba [the Asura] the son of Rohinî [Râma]. (25) Considering Krishna invincible set that foremost demon in great haste off carrying [his passenger Râma] beyond the finish line of dismounting. (26) As he held Him high lost the demon his momentum though with Him [growing] as heavy as the king of the earth and the planets [mount Meru]. He thereupon resumed his original body which was covered by golden ornaments, because of which he shone like a cloud flashing with lightening in carrying the moon. (27) Seeing that body fast moving in the sky with blazing eyes, frowned eyebrows, the rows of his terrible teeth, his wild hair, his armlets, crown and his earrings, was the Carrier of the Plow, stunned about the effulgence, a bit daunted. (28) Then remembering Himself, stroke the fearless Balarâma who was moving away from the company like He was being kidnapped, him angrily hard with His fist on the head as fast as the king of the gods would hit a mountain with his thunderbolt. (29) Being struck split the head of the demon immediately in two and fell he, giving up blood from his mouth, lifeless to the ground with a loud noise that sounded as if a mountain was hit by Indra's weapon. (30) Seeing Pralamba killed by Balarâma's display of power were the gopas most astonished and exclaimed they 'Good so, well done!' ['sâdhu, sâdhu']. (31) Pronouncing benedictions praised they Him who had been so deserving, as if he had returned from death and closed they Him in their arms with their hearts overwhelmed by love. (32) With the sinful Pralamba killed heaped the demigods, utterly satisfied, garlands of flowers over Him, and offered they prayers exclaiming 'Bravo, excellent!' ' 

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