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The Dynasties of the Sons of Purûravâ

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 The Dynasties of the Sons of Purûravâ

(1-3) The son of Vyâsa said: 'From one son of Purûravâ, Âyu, there were the powerful sons Nahusha, Kshatravriddha, Rajî, Râbha and Anenâ. O royal ruler, hear now about the dynasty of Kshatravriddha. Of Kshatravriddha's son Suhotra there were three sons: Kâs'ya, Kus'a and Gritsamada. From Gritsamada there was S'unaka and from him came S'aunaka, a muni most excellent in the sacred [Rig Veda] verses. (4) Kâs'i the son of Kâs'ya had Râshthra who fathered Dîrghatama. From Dîrghatama there was Dhanvantari who as an incarnation of Vâsudeva, the Enjoyer of Sacrifices, was the founder of Ayurvedic medicine; remembering Him all disease can be overcome [see also 8.8]. (5) From His son Ketumân took birth a son named Bhîmaratha and from him was there Divodâsa whose son Dyumân was also known as Pratardana. (6) He was also known by the names S'atrujit, Vatsa, Ritradhvaja and Kuvalayâs'va. From him there were Alarka and other sons. (7) No one before, o King, had enjoyed the surface of the earth as much as Alarka like a young man did for a sixty-six thousand years. (8) From Alarka there was Santati, from him came Sunîtha, his son was Niketana and Niketana's son was Dharmaketu from whom Satyaketu was born. (9) After Dhrishthaketu was there from him Sukumâra who ruled the entire planet. Vîtihotra was his son and Bharga born from him brought forth a son named Bhârgabhûmi, o ruler of man.

(10) Thus have I described all descendants born in the dynasty of Kâs'i. In the line of Kshatravriddha was from Râbha Rabhasa, a son, born. From him came Gambhîra and Akriya was his son. (11) The descendant that took birth from him was called Brahmâvit. Now hear about the descendants of Anenâ. There was a son S'uddha from whom S'uci was born who had Citrakrit for his son who was also known as Dharmasârathi. (12) From him was S'ântaraja born who performed all kinds of vedic rituals; he was a selfrealized soul [and so the line ended with him]. Of Rajî there were five-hundred sons who were most powerful. (13) On the request of the godly killing the demons returned he the heavenly kingdom back to Indra, the king of heaven. But Indra, afraid of the enmity of Prahlâda and others, gave it back and clasped Rajî's feet surrending himself to him. (14) When their father passed away did his sons, who were requested to return the heavenly kingdom to the great Indra, not do so; they fobbed him off with the shares of the sacrifices. (15) By the guru [Brihaspati] were oblations offered in the fire so that Indra could kill all of Rajî's sons fallen from the path. None of them remained alive. (16) From Kus'a, Kshatravriddha's grandson, was Prati born. A son of him named Sañjaya had a son Jaya who had as son Krita of whom next king Haryabala was born. (17) From Sahadeva, his son, there was Hîna of whom Jayasena as his son had SanKriti. SanKriti had also one named Jaya, a dutiful kshatriya and mighty warrior. These were all the kings in the dynasty of Kshatravriddha, now hear from me about the descendants of Nahusha.' 

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