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The Dynasty of Kusa, the Son of Lord Ramacandra

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 The Dynasty of Kusa, the Son of Lord Ramacandra

(1) S'rî S'uka said: 'Of Kus'a [the son of Lord Râma] there was Atithi, and from him there was Nishadha; Nishadha's son was Nâbha, Pundarîka came after him and Kshemadhanvâ became his son. (2) Devânîka was the son of Kshemadhanvâ, his was Anîha whose son was Pâriyâtra; Pâriyâtra's son was Balasthala who had a son called Vajranâbha who stemmed from the sun-god. (3-4) From Sagana [from Vajranâbha] there was a son called Vidhriti from whom the son Hiranyanâbha was born who became a teacher of yoga after Jaimini. With him studied Yâjñavalkya as a disciple the spirituality of Kaus'alya [âdhyâtma yoga see 6.15: 12-15]: the most elevated yoga of becoming a seer able to cut through the material knots in the heart. (5) From Pushpa, the son of Hiranyanâbha, was born Dhruvasandhi from whom there was Sudars'ana. After him came Agnivarna whose son was named S'îghra and Maru was his son. (6) The person of him still exists in Kalâpa-grâma ['bundle of communities'] as a perfect one of yoga; remaining there will he at the end of Kali-yuga, in order to revive the lost dynasty of the sun-god, beget a son. (7) There was a son of him: Prasus'ruta who had Sandhi and of him there was a son named Amarshana from whose son Mahasvân the person of Vis'vabâhu took birth. (8) From him there was Prasenajit from whom again Takshaka would take birth. From Takshaka there was Brihadbala, the one who then by your father was killed in a fight.

(9) All these kings of the Ikshvâku-dynasty are dead and gone. Now listen to the ones to become: after Brihadbala there will be a son named Brihadrana. (10) Brihadrana's son will be Ûrukriya, of him will Vatsavriddha take birth, Prativyoma will be his son and of him there will be Bhânu, whose son Divâka will be a great military commander. (11) Sahadeva from him will beget a great hero: Brihadas'va, from whom there will be Bhânumân. From Bhânumân will Pratîkâs'va father the son Supratîka. (12) Marudeva will be born thereafter and after him there will be Sunakshatra; next will there be Pushkara and his son Antariksha will have Sutapâ whose son will be Amitrajit. (13) Brihadrâja then of him will bring Barhi, Kritañjaya born of him will have a son called Ranañjaya and of him Sañjaya will take birth. (14) From him will thereafter be S'âkya whose son will be the memorable S'uddhoda, the father of Lângala of whom there will be Prasenajit who on his turn will father Kshudraka. (15) Ranaka will take birth from him, Suratha will be the next son, and the one of him named Sumitra will end the line of all these kings in the Brihadbala-dynasty. (16) Of all these descendants of Ikshvâku will Sumitra be the last to appear in the future because getting to him as a king will be the culmination indeed for Kali-yuga.'

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